100 Things We Love About St. Philip’s


In 2020, St. Philip’s commemorates its 100th year as the Episcopal presence in New Hope.

In celebration, our parishioners collected the top 100 favorite things they love about St. Philip’s.

Each week over the next 12 weeks, we’ll post eight or nine favorite St. Philip’s items, progressively building up our top-100 list.

This fall, we’ll produce a 12-month 100 Things calendar. Each month will feature eight or nine items from the list, along with photos of the church and the parish. We’ll offer the calendar for sale to raise funds to benefit St. Philip’s ministries.

Listed below are 100 things we love about St. Philip’s. Here’s to our next 100 years!

1. We’re 100 years old!

2. Chilly winter mornings in the sanctuary

3. Prayers of the People

4. Subzero Delaware River blessings

5. People from all walks of life worship in harmony

6. We are boldly incarnational

7. Sitting quietly before Holy Eucharist begins

8. An inclusive and inviting community

9. Collecting food for the homeless, including our Blessing Box

10. The warm, sincere feeling of love when we offer one another the sign of peace

11. How our church’s presence is felt – and respected – throughout New Hope

12. Our Cube Altar

13. Praying for fellow parishioners when they’re in need – and when they aren’t

14. We collect bras!

15. Our service and dedication to the vulnerable

16. Our always-burning Sanctuary Lamp above the Tabernacle Box in the church window

17. That we, the Body of Christ, treat one other with loving dignity and honest care

18. It’s impossible to get lost in the shuffle at St. Philip’s

19. Laughter before the service

20. Laughter during the service

21. Laughter after the service

22. How gleefully Father Michael sprinkles us with holy water (asperges!)

23. Outdoor Stations of the Cross

24. Easter time and beautiful Easter flowers

25. Eastertide traditions, such as foot washing and the Great Vigil of Easter

26. References to the Holy Land, relics, Peanuts and Star Wars

27. That every member of our church community cares about one another in a truly genuine way – a rare gift

28. Spirited Easter egg hunts

29. Ashes to Go

30. Quiet Sunday mornings at 8:15

31. Musical Sunday mornings at 10:15

32. Our welcoming red door

33. The labyrinth in our front yard, which many walk in prayer or meditation

34. Sunday services adorned with flowers from our parishioners’ gardens

35. Morning Prayer

36. Evening Prayer

37. Picture-perfect weddings and baptisms

38. Marching in the Pride Parade behind our St. Philip’s banner (and cool cars!)

39. Our active participation in Peacemeal

40. Hot and humid First Sunday Potlucks

41. Making new friends – and, sometimes, life partners

42. When our tiny church building pops into view while approaching in your car

43. Stump the Priest