Nest Box

When this page is first displayed, a black box displays. It may take up to a minute before the live picture appears in its place. To watch on your Apple or Android device, you must use a browser that supports Adobe Flash. The Puffin browser works well, and is available free from the Apple and Play Stores.

NOTE: The Chickadee’s fledged the nest back in May, but another bird species has taken up residence!

If the live web cam does not display, click on the alternate link below (Note: Clicking on the link will leave St Philip’s website).

Alternate link to live nest box web cam


Fun Facts
Chickadee Lifespan: Normally Male 1.8 years. Female 1.5 years. However, some have lived 5 years.
Clutch Size: 1-13 Eggs
Number of Broods: 1
Incubation Period: 12-13 days
Hatching to Fledging: 14-16 days
Diet: Insects (including eggs larvae), also seeds, mainly sunflower.

2017 Timeline
Thursday, June 8th: New species started dismantling old Chickadee nest.
Saturday, June 10th: Bird starts building new nest.
Monday, June 12th: New nest almost finished.

Tuesday, March 21st: Chickadees started visiting nest box.
Saturday, March 25th: Webcam made live.
Sunday, April 9th (Palm Sunday): Chickadees start nesting.
Monday, April 17th (Easter Monday): Chickadee start to sleep in nest over night.
Sunday, April 23rd (Easter 2): 6 eggs exposed, mother sits 24×7.
Saturday, May 6th: Hatching day: 5 eggs have hatched as of 1:30 PM.
Wednesday May 24th: All 6 Chicks fledged

2016 Timeline
Sunday March 20th: Webcam made live.
Thursday March 31st: Chickadees started building nest.
Friday April 1st: Chickadees started sleeping in nest box.
Wednesday April 20th: Chickadees had at least 3 eggs hidden in nest box.
Monday April 25th: Chickadees had at least 7 eggs in nest box.
Monday April 25th: Chickadee starts sitting on nest continuously.
Thursday April 28th: Chickadees had 8 eggs in nest box.
Monday May 9th: 5 eggs hatched.
Tuesday May 10th: 6th egg hatched.
Wednesday May 25th: All 6 Chicks fledged.

2015 Timeline
Friday March 20th: Chickadees started checking out the nest box.
Tuesday April 14th: Chickadees started building nest.
Monday April 16th: Chickadees slept in the nest box.
Tuesday April 21st: First egg spotted.
Tuesday April 28st: Tenth (and last) egg spotted.
Sunday May 10th: First chick hatched.
Monday May 11th: Tenth (and last) chick hatched.
Sunday May 17th: All 10 chicks killed by sparrows.


Background Story
In late March, 2014, Rob and Jim put up a bird house, equipped with a web cam in front of their house. In 2014, chickadees laid 7 eggs and all 7 chicks fledged. In 2015, chickadees laid 10 eggs, but all 10 chicks were killed by sparrows. In 2016, chickadees laid 6 eggs and all 7 chicks fledged.


The camera is a miniature security camera with night vision. It is connected to a PC just inside the room behind the nest box.