Sock Drive


The Sock Squad: (Back Row) Bridget Wingert, Editor of the Bucks County Herald and

The Rev. Michael Ruk, pastor at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, New Hope, with (left to

right) Devin and Arya Heble, Jane Atkinson, Georgie Fowler, Thomas Marschall and

Josie Fowler.



A Call for Socks to Benefit the Homeless


Did you know there are about 300 homeless people in Bucks County? Or that there are 80 of them struggling between Doylestown and New Hope?

Homelessness is a complex issue and several area groups, including Code Blue, work to alleviate the situation. Now, here is a simple way everyone can help.


Homeless people don’t have frequent access to laundry facilities. So when their socks get wet, they risk getting trench foot, or even frostbite. They need dry socks to stay healthy. Last year the parish of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, New Hope, collected well over 500 pairs of socks to distribute.


This year, the Bucks County Herald has teamed up with St. Philip’s to appeal to the whole community to donate socks for the area’s homeless people. We welcome all donations of new socks for men and socks, stockings, leggings and pantyhose for women. Some children’s socks are also welcome, but primarily those for adults.


Please show you care about your community. Help give Christmas Stockings a new meaning: when you are out shopping for the holiday, buy some socks for the homeless in our own community. Place them into the big blue tub on the porch of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, 10 Chapel Road, New Hope (the historic one-room schoolhouse at the corner of River Road and Chapel Road). Be a part of The Great Sock Drive of 2016.


St. Philip’s parishioners will help distribute the socks to Code Blue, Bucks County Opportunity Council, and St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Frankford.