Be Peace: Join CB-VOL

Central Bucks Volunteer Opportunity Listing (CB-VOL) is a group of individuals who seek to embody peace through concrete community action. Originally called Be Peace, CB-VOL arose out of an interfaith conversation at St. Philip’s the day after the 2016 election. At a time when social discourse often fractures along left-right and us vs. them lines, CB-VOL offers constructive ways to bridge divisions one volunteer opportunity at a time.

Fostering peace through action

In strictly practical terms, CB-VOL is a clearinghouse for information — proactively delivered to members’ Facebook feeds — about time-specific and ongoing volunteer opportunities in Central Bucks.

But CB-VOL is much more than a Facebook page. It is a personal commitment to embrace optimism and strengthen community through the act of voluntarism. Members can volunteer for a day, a week — or a lifetime. There are no meetings to attend or political litmus tests. Like at St. Philip’s itself, all are welcome!

How to get involved

To participate, simply go to the CB-VOL Facebook page, find a local volunteer opportunity you like or post one for others to see. Then start being peace.